thirsty crow

The Thirsty Crow Story with Moral {Real Story}

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a crow. He was very thirsty, he was flying and flying in search of water, but he was unable to find the water to quench his thirst.

Suddenly he saw a pot which was half-filled with water. He tried to put his neck inside the pot, but the pot was half-filled with water, he tried and tried, but he was unable to drink the water.

Then he saw some pebbles ( Small stones ) lying on the ground. He thought a plan, and then he started picking the pebbles one by one and started dropping them into the pot. slowly the water level came up, and the crow drank the water and flew away happily

Moral of the story is -Try and try until you succeed

About the story – The intention of Thirsty crow story is that everyone should try and try until they get succeed in their work. We have to plan accordingly and work according to our plans to get successful in our life

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