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Bedtime Short Story for Kids with good Moral lessons

Good and polite Bedtime Story for Kids. These short stories are perfect for the young generations to develop self-improvement and to teach them. to speak truthfully

The Four Bulls

Long ago there lived 4 Bulls. They were all best friends. No wild animals can harm them because they were in unity.

One day a Lion came to hunt them. When the Lion came in front of them, all the four Bulls defeated the Lion because of they were four in number.

After a week all the four Bulls quarreled and they decided to live separately. The Lion gets to know about this and one by one he killed them easily

The moral of the story is – United we stand, Divided we fall

The Mouse and the Cow

Long ago there lived a mouse. He lives in a small hole located in a corner of a huge wall.

One day when he went outside his hole, he saw Cow sleeping. He went near him and started to play on his nose.

The Cow woke up angrily and immediately the mouse went inside his hole. The Cow started to hit the wall to break it but she was unable to break down the wall.

The mouse said “Being huge in a size doesn’t mean that you are strong and powerful. If you were small in size like me then you could have punished me.” The mouse laughed and went away

The moral of the story is – Size doesn’t matter at all. A person’s intelligence and capability will decide everything

The Lion and the Cunning Fox

Once upon a time in a jungle there lived a Lion and his cunning minister Fox.

One day the Lion was wounded badly by an Elephant. Due to that wound, the Lion was unable to hunt so the Lion and Fox both have to remain hungry for a long time.

The Lion told the Fox to bring an animal in front of him so that he can easily kill him.

The Fox then went away to find prey. He saw a Donkey and said “Hello my friend. The king of the jungle want’s a clever minister and I know you are very clever. Come with me I will take you to the King.

The foolish Donkey agreed and went away with him. As soon as they reached near the king, the Lion grabbed him and killed him.

The moral of the story is – not to fall in the sweet words of others. It might be a trap. Act wisely upon the situation.

The Cruel Elephant

Long ago there lived two Crows. They were having their nest on a tree and were having eggs inside it.

One day an Elephant came near that tree and was about to break that branch of that tree. The Crows told him that they were having their nest on it so please not to break this branch. But, the Elephant didn’t care about it and broke the branch and the nest and eggs were now broken.

They wanted to take revenge and to teach the Elephant a lesson.

One day suddenly both the crows came and attacked the eyes of Elephant and the Elephant became blind and now the Elephant cannot do the same mistake with other birds.

The moral of the story is – Never harm others or others properly. You will surely have to repay them or else have to suffer

The Foolish Musician

Long ago there lived a musician. He plays different types of music and thus earns some money by playing various music. He carries all his money in a small bag which he keeps always with him.

One day a thief saw the bag of money with the musician. He thought of a plan. He went near the musician and said “Sir I really like your music and I want to be with you and I will carry all your luggage whenever you go.”

The musician agreed and gave all his luggage except for the money bag. The thief was trying harder and harder to get the money bag but he was unable to take it.

One day when they were passing by a river, a King and his soldiers arrived. The musician told, “I will play my music and the King will pay me a higher reward.”

The thief replied “Wait, the King will pay you a much higher reward if you pretend to be poor. Give that money bag to me. I will carry it for a while and you go and play music”.

The foolish musician agreed and gave his money bag. After playing music in front of the King.

The musician returned and he saw that his luggage and money bag were not there even the person was also not there. He lost all his money due to greediness.

Moral of the story is – Too much greed is too bad

These were some few story for kids.

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