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All-Time Best Short Stories For Kids with Moral

These Stories are all time favorite Short Stories for Kids with Moral and valuable lessons

The Cunning Fox

Long ago in a jungle there lived a Fox. He was very hungry. He was in search of food.

Suddenly he saw a Pigeon sitting on a tree. The Fox was unable to climb the tree.

So he thought a plan and said to the pigeon that “Hello Mr. Pigeon I am a messenger of God. For now, onwards no animal will eat other animals. Come down let’s celebrate.”

Without thinking for a while the Pigeon became happy by his words and came down to celebrate. As soon as the Pigeon came down, the Fox ate the Pigeon and went away

The Moral of the Story is – Never trust a fake Person at any moment

Jack the Painter

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a painter named Jack. He was a hard worker and yet after working the whole day he doesn’t have enough money to eat three times a day.

One day a landlord in that village called him and asked him to paint his boat. The amount was fixed at 1500 bucks.

The next Jack started to paint the boat. Suddenly he saw a hole in that boat. He immediately fixed it and painted the whole boat.

The landlord saw the boat and asked him to come tomorrow to collect his money.

The landlord’s family went for a ride in that boat. After some time the servant of that landlord arrived and asked about his family.

The servant then amazed and said “Sir that boat has a hole in it. It will sink for sure.”

Soon the landlord’s family arrived safely and they said that the boat having no hole in it.

The Landlord then thanked Jack because he could skip patching the hole or have asked extra money for that but, Jack being honest man done his job honestly and received double payment as a gift

The Moral of the Story is – Work Honestly and you will surely get your gift today or tomorrow.

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The Greedy Vegetable Seller

Long ago in a village, there lived a vegetable seller named Joy.

He has his farm where he produces organic and healthy vegetables and sells in the entire village.

Due to the high demand for vegetables, Joy’s vegetables were not enough for the entire village.

He thinks that due to high demand and my less quantity of vegetables, people will buy from another village.

So, Joy started to put chemicals on his farm so that he may get a high quantity of vegetables. Soon due to chemicals, he was getting more vegetables and then he finally started to sell in the entire village.

After a week all the villagers got ill and rushed towards the hospital. The doctor found that this is because of chemicals and then all villagers understood who is using chemicals.

The next day when Joy was giving chemicals to his farm the villagers caught him red-handed from that day no one buys vegetables from Joy

The Moral of the Story is – Greediness will cause you a huge loss

The Foolish Frog

Once upon a time in a jungle there lived a group of Frogs in a deep well. The well was located in the middle of the Jungle.

Among the group of the frogs, there was a foolish frog and everyone makes fun of his foolishness.

One day the foolish frog thought to teach all the Frogs a lesson. She then went outside the well to make friendship with a stronger animal.

She saw a snake and then she went near him and said “Hello Snake. I want to make friendship with you.” The Snake laughed and said I eat frogs every day but why do you want to make friendship with me? The Frog told him about her enemies inside the well.

The Frog even told him the way to the well. The Snake came inside the well and ate up all the enemies of that frog. But, the Frog said, “All my enemies are over now you have to leave this place.”

The Snake laughed and said “You foolish Frog, How can I miss this opportunity to eat all these Frogs” Saying this the Snake ate all the Frogs and even eaten the Foolish Frog and went away.

The Moral of the Story is – Acting like a foolish may cause you to suffer.

These were some stories for kids

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