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Must Read Inspirational Moral Story for today’s generation Kids in English

These are the must-read inspirational moral story for kids. These stories make the kids to speak the truth and to obey others and make them follow moral values

Golden Eggs

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer and his wife. They were only having a bit of land, and they were very poor.

One day the farmer brought a hen from a market. After a week, the hen started to lay golden eggs. The farmer and his wife were now getting golden eggs every day.

They were becoming richer and richer every day. One day they thought that the hen is giving golden eggs every day; this means she has more golden eggs inside her. We can take all the golden eggs at once.

One morning, they took the hen and killed her, and when they saw her stomach, there were no golden eggs. They lost the hen which was giving golden eggs, and from that day they will not get any golden eggs

The moral of the story is – Too much greediness creates a huge loss

The Cap seller

Once upon a time, there lived a Cap seller. He sells caps every day. One day he was traveling through a jungle to sell his caps.

He was carrying a basket on his head containing caps. The cap seller got tired and sat under a tree and took some rest.

The jungle was full of money. The Monkeys saw the basket full of caps, and they took the caps and climbed the tree.

After some time, the Cap seller saw that the monkeys took his caps, and they were now on the tree. The Cap seller tried a lot, but he couldn’t get his caps back. He then took a stone and threw on the Monkeys.

The Monkeys also threw a fruit upon him. They were copying him. The Cap seller got an idea. He was even wearing a cap. He took the cap and threw it away. The Monkeys also did the same.

They threw the caps on the ground. The Cap seller collected all the caps and went away happily

Moral of the story is – There is always a solution for every difficulty

The Sick Lion

Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a Lion. He was now getting older and older day by day, and he feels difficult to catch his prey.

He will die for sure by starvation if he is unable to catch its prey. One day he thought of a plan. He pretended to be sick and announced everywhere that the king of the jungle that is the Lion is sick, and he is lying in his den.

Soon one by one, all animals went to his den to see him. But, when any animal went inside the cave, the Lion attacked him and fulfilled his hunger.

Every day without any hard work, the Lion was getting his prey. One day a Fox went to see the Lion. The Fox went near the den, and instead of going in, he stood at a distance and asked the Lion about his health.

The Lion called him inside to see him. But, the Fox understood the plan of the Lion. He said, “ I see the footprints of every animal who went inside your den but, I see no footprints of any anima who came back from your den.” The Fox saved his life and went away near all animals and said about the Lion’s plan

Moral of the story is – Never trust a fake person

The Wise Fox

Once upon a time in a desert, there lived a Fox. He was very thirsty and was searching for the water.

After walking miles away, he saw a well. He immediately went near it, and when he was checking the water level, he fell into the well.

He shouted for help, but nobody helped him. After some time, a goat arrived and saw the Fox in the well. He asked the Fox, “what are you doing there” the Fox replied, “ I am here to enjoy the water. Why don’t you come here”.

Without thinking for a second, the Goat Jumped into the well and started to drink the water. After some time, the Goat asked the Fox that “How can we go out of this well” The Fox replied, “It is very simple. You stand on your two feet and push me up”.

Again without thinking, the Goat pushed the Fox, and the Fox was successful in reaching out of the well. The Goat asked him that “How can I come out from here” The Fox replied, “Ha, ha Now you have to think how to come out of this well. Bye-bye”

The moral of the story is – Think twice before doing anything

The Horse and the Donkey

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a cloth maker. He was having a horse and a donkey. He used his Donkey to carry the load and used his Horse to ride.

One day he went to another village to bring some cloth materials. He took all the cloth material and loaded everything on the Donkey. The load was too heavy. The cloth maker started to move to his village with his Horse and the Donkey.

The cloth maker was walking instead of riding on the Horse. After some time due to heavy load, the Donkey asked Horse to carry some load, so both gets an equal share of the load. But, the Horse reduced.

After some time, the Donkey felt very tired, and he was unable to walk a single step. The Cloth maker saw this, and now he transferred all the load to the Horse, and he said, “Today let the Donkey gets some rest” The Horse realized the heavy burden, and he thought, “I made a great mistake. I was so selfish earlier. If I shared the Donkey’s load earlier when he asked me to, I wouldn’t have to carry this alone

The moral of the story is – Don’t be selfish otherwise you have to suffer

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