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Top 5+ short Moral Stories with valuable lesson for Kids

Below are the top 6 moral stories which teachs valuable lessons to kids to enlight thier future with moral values and kindness

Lion and the Donkey

Once upon a time in a forest, a lion and a donkey were best friends. They always roam together, and everyone knows that they were best friends.

One day they saw a group of deer. The donkey started to shout loudly, and the group of deer saw the donkey and lion and ran away to save their life. The donkey thought that everyone is afraid of him in the jungle.

The next day Lion was sick, so the Donkey was roaming alone in the jungle. He suddenly saw a group of Fox.

He started to shout loudly, and the group of Fox saw the donkey, and they realized that Lion was not with him, so they attacked the donkey, and the donkey died.

Moral of the story is -Don’t act like a fool. Always think twice before you do anything

Fruit of Hardwork

Long ago, there lived two best friends. Sonu and Monu. They were unemployed (No work to do).

They went near a rich merchant and asked some amount of money to start their own business. The rich merchant gave 1000 rs to both of them and asked them to return within a year.

Sonu started to enjoy with his friends by that money, and Monu took one basket of vegetables from a farmer and started selling in the market and from the profit he again bought one more basket of vegetables and sold in the market. He carried his businesses for a year.

After one year Sonu and Monu returned to the richmerchant. Monu returned his amount of money, but Sonu was unable to give his amount of money.

Moral of the story is – Hard work is the key to success.

The Clever Fish

Once upon a time near a bank of a river, a fishermancame to catch fish so that he could sell them and earn money.

He laid his trap in the river, after 5 minutes he saw some movement in his trap, and he thought that he trapped more fishes, but when he saw the trap there was only one tiny little fish.

The fish told the fishermen that “please leave me I will die out of water” the fisherman gave no attention Again the fish said, “oh see on your backside there is a crocodile” listening to this the fisherman immediately threw the trap. The fish took advantage of the movement and escaped away happily.

Moral of the story is – Be smart enough to solve your problems easily.

Grasshopper and Ant

Once upon a time, a grasshopper was sitting and taking rest on a branch of a tree. He saw an ant carrying food grains.

The grasshopper told the ant that “why are you working so hard come and enjoy this summer with me” the ant replied “I am collecting food for the winter season” The grasshopper told ” The winter is too far to come. Join with me and enjoy but, the ant gave no reply and carried his work.

One day winter arrived, and the grasshopper had no food, and he saw a house and went near it, and it was the ant’s house.

The grasshopper asked for some food, but the ant refused to give because he was wasting his time instead of doing work.

Moral of the story is – there is time for work, and even there is a time to play. If you play during the time which you supposed to work, then you will surely get in trouble.

Some more moral stories below

The lazy Son

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a farmernamed Ram, his wife and his son Sham. Ram was very rich and was very active in his work.

He wakes up every day before sunrise goes to the temple, takes a walk to his farm and visits his shop. He owned 10 acres of farm and runs a shop.

On the other hand, his son Shaam was very lazy. He wakes up after the sunrise, and he had never visited his father’s farm and neither he went to the shop. He doesn’t want to work, and he always runs away from hard work.
One day his father died.

Shaam was still very lazy, and after a week they were getting a huge loss in their business. His mother advised him to follow his father routine. Shaam did the same.

Every day he started waking up before sunrise and visiting temple. He even started to look at his farm and his shop.

The workers came to know that Shaam is visiting the farm and shop every day, and they should stop the wrong practice and robbery. After a few days, their loss was decreased, and they were now getting profits in their business.

Moral of the story is – Lazy people never succeed in their life

Ant and the Dove

Once upon a time in a jungle there lived an ant and a dove. One day the ant was climbing a tree, and suddenly he fell down in the river.

The ant was struggling to save his life. A dove sitting on the branch of a tree saw the ant, and he threw a leaf near the ant.

The ant climbed on that leaf and saved his life.

One day a hunter laid a trap to catch the dove. The hunter spread some bread crumbs on the trap.

The dove saw the breadcrumbs and was slowly coming down to eat the breadcrumbs. The ant saw the hunter and the trap, and he realized that he wants to trap the dove which has saved the ant’s life.

The ant thought of a plan and went near the hunter, and the ant started to bite on his toe.

The hunter shouted loudly and hearing the voice of the hunter the dove understood about the trap and flew awayfrom there

Moral of the story – Every good deed we do for others will surely come back to us

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The best part of moral stories is that children learns to respect and moral stories shape them in a well educated moral person

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