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The Lion and Mouse Story with Moral {Kids Story}

Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a lion, mouse, and all animals. Suddenly the Lion wake up angrily, and the mouse fell on the ground.

The Lion caught him and opened his mouth to eat. The mouse started begging for his dear life and said, “Oh king, please forgive me. I will never forget your mercy, and one day I will also help you” The Lion laughed and said, “How can you help me? You are such a small animal.

You are lucky enough. I will forgive you from next time don’t dare to play on me” The mouse agreed, and instantly ran away from there.

One day the Lion was walking in the jungle, and suddenly he stepped on a trap which was laid by hunters. The Lion started roaring and asking for help from others.

The mouse heard this, and he came near the trap as soon as possible and then started to cut the ropes of the trap by his sharp teeth, and within few minutes, he was successful in cutting the trap, and the Lion was now free from the trap.

The mouse told Lion that “You laughed on me when I said that I would also help you” The Lion thanked him and they both went away happily.

Moral of the story is – A friend in need is a friend indeed

More about the lion and mouse story – The intention behind the story is help everyone and don’t hesitate to help others. If you will show kindness to others then everyone will do the same for you. A kindness is never wasted.

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