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Best of 5 English Moral Stories for Kids with Valuable Lessons

These are the top English Moral Stories for kids which teach them valuable lesson and to become good person with moral values.

Greedy Farmer

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a farmer. He was very poor. All other farmer’s crops were good, but his crops were not so good.

One day he saw a snake in his field. He brought a bowl of milk and offered to the snake, and the farmer went away. After some time, the farmer arrived, and near the bowl, he saw a golden coin.

The farmer thought that the snake had given him in return for the milk he offered. Every day the farmer offered him a bowl of milk, and every day he was getting a golden coin.

One day due to greediness, he thought every day the snake is giving one coin. This means that he has more coins, so better, I should take all the coins from the snake.

One day the snake arrived, and the farmer attacked him with a stick. The snake moved slightly and also attacked him, and the farmed died on the spot

Moral of the story is – Greediness is the cause of all Evils

The Wise Rat

Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a rat. He was hungry, and he was in search of food.

After some time he saw a fox and the fox said “I am very hungry and I will eat you” The rat said “Don’t eat me I have a friend who is big as a monster and has long teeth if you eat me he will eat you” The fox became afraid and went away.

An Eagle came and wanted to eat the rat after some time, but the rat repeated, “Don’t eat me. I have a friend who is big as a monster and has long teeth.

If you eat me, he will eat you” The eagle went away. After some time, he saw a big animal like a monsterwith long teeth and that animal wanted to eat the rat.

But the rat thought a plan and said, “Don’t eat me. I am the King of this jungle, and everyone is afraid of me. The animal laughed and said, “Ok. Let me see who is afraid of you” The rat sat on that animal and went in the jungle, and the fox and eagle were sitting there.

They saw the rat with that animal, and due to fear, they went away. The animal also noticed that and he thought that the rat is the King of this jungle and him due to this he ran away

Moral of the story is – You can solve every problem if you work smart

The Spider and the King

Once upon a time, there lived a king. He has his army, but they all were weak. His enemy was cruel and wanted to defeat him and his kingdom.

The King fought with his enemy, but he lost. The King again fought with his enemy, but he failed. He lost all his hopes and ran away from there and was hiding in a cave.

He suddenly saw a spider who was climbing on the cave to build his web. The spider started to climb on the cave, but he fell down. He again tried to climb, but still, he fell down.

The spider never lost his hope, and after trying 7th time, he was successful in climbing on the cave. The King learned a lesson from that spider.

He got ready for the war and after trying 5th time he finally defeated his enemy and lived happily

Moral of the story is – Try and try until you get successful

Two Best friends

Once upon a time in a village, there lived two friends John and Peter. John was 8 years old, and Peter was 12 years old.

They were both best friends and every day they played together. One day they went out of the village to spend some time and to play. They saw a well.

Peter was playing near the well, and suddenly he fell down. He cried for help because he doesn’t know how to swim. There was nobody nearby to help Peter except John.

John saw a bucket tied with a rope. He took it and threw inside the well and told Peter to hold it. John started to pull the rope and helped Peter to come out of the well.

They immediately went to their village and explained everything. Nobody believed them because John was too small to pull the rope and help Peter to come out of the well.

Only their grandfather believed them. The grandfather told everybody that “It is true what they said. You do not believe because John is too weak and small, and how could he have done this all alone. John had helped him, and he believed in himself that he could do, and there was nobody to say that he cannot do it.

Moral of the story is – Believe in yourself, and you can do anything that you want to become a successful person.

The Miser and his Gold

Once upon a time, there was a miser. He had 100 gold coins. He hates to spend his gold, and he never wanted to spend his gold.

One day he dug up a hole in his farm and buried all gold coins. Every day he comes there, digs the ground, and see the gold to become happy.

One day a stranger was passing nearby and saw the gold, and he made a plan. In the evening the robber cane and took all the gold away with him.

The next day the Miser arrived and started to dig the ground, but he couldn’t find his gold. He started crying, and his neighbor arrived, and the Miser told everything to them.

They asked him whether he had ever spent his gold? The Miser replied, No. The neighbors told him that the gold was no use because you have hidden it in the ground.

Just think that there is still gold in this ground and be happy. All the neighbors laughed at him and left him with an empty hole.

Moral of the story is – Wealth unused might as well not exist. Use it more effectively.

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