Most Popular Akbar Birbal Stories in English

These are the most popular Akbar Birbal Stories which tells the cleverness of Birbal who solve Each and Every problem Cleverly

Akbar Birbal stories | The Fraud Seller

Once upon a time, there lived a man called Ramu. He sold his well to Shamu for ten gold coins.

On the next day when Shamu was drawing water from the well, Ramu arrived and said “You cannot draw the water from this well.

I sold you the well not the water inside it.” They both quarreled and went near King Akbar. Akbar told Birbal to look into the matter.

After listening to the matter, Birbal said to Ramu that “You sold your well to Shamu but not the water. So, now you have to remove all the water from the well or pay the rent to Shamu for the water which is inside Shamu’s well.”

Ramu understood his mistake and he allowed Shamu to draw the water from that well.

Akbar Birbal stories | The Goat’s weight

Once upon a time, Akbar the king was playing the game of chess with Birbal.

Birbal always wins the game. One day to test the intelligence of Birbal, Akbar told one of his guards to bring a goat and Akbar gifted to Birbal and said “Take this goat and bring her after a month.

The Goat should not gain or lose her weight until the next month.” Akbar thought this was impossible.

Birbal agreed and took the goat and went to his house. After a month, Birbal brought the same Goat.

Akbar told on his guard to check the weight. After checking, the guard said, “The weight is exactly the same as it was before one month.”

Akbar got amazed and said to Birbal that it was impossible. Birbal replied “King, I took the goat to my home and in the morning I gave her food more than she needed, and in the evening I tied her rope to Lion’s cage.

The Goat’s food got digested due to fear and now she has the same weight as before a month”

Akbar Birbal stories | Magical Sticks

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Akbar, there lived a businessman.

Every night he keeps his gold in a trunk that is inside his room and locks it and keeps the key under his pillow.

One morning he saw his trunk and the gold was not there.

He called his guard and asked about the robber but, the guard saw no one stranger. He then went near King Akbar to solve this matter.

Akbar told Birbal to look into this matter. Birbal told the businessman to call all his guards and servants.

Then Birbal brought Sticks of the same size and told “This is the magical sticks which are given by a sage who is close to God. The stick will grow one inch longer if it is with the robber.”

Birbal gave the one-one stick to everyone and told them to bring it tomorrow.

On the next day, everyone handed the sticks to Birbal. Birbal saw one stick was cut by one inch and immediately he suspects the robber and said “These are the ordinary sticks. The robber is the guard because he cut his stick one-inch thinking that he will be saved if the stick grows by an inch.”

Akbar Birbal stories | The Liar

Once upon a time in the kingdom of king Akbar, there was a visitor who came to watch the beautiful kingdom.

One woman saw her and told him that she will help him to visit this whole kingdom.

The women told the visitor to visit the palace. When they both arrived at the palace the women started crying and said “I have been robbed by this visitor. He robbed all my Jewelry.”

King Akbar told Birbal to look into this matter. Birbal asked the worth of jewelry to that woman.

The women said it was about 200 gold coins. Birbal gave 100 gold coins and let her go.

Birbal told the visitor to snatch the gold coins from that woman. The visitor did the same and when he was trying to snatch, the woman was too strong and she beats that visitor so badly.

Birbal arrived there and said to the women that “You are so strong and he was unable to snatch these gold coins. How he can manage to rob all your jewelry?” The women asked forgiveness for telling lies and she was punished.

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